Bathroom Renovations Boronia

Bathroom Renovations Boronia

For divinely designed bathroom renovations Boronia residents will surely want for their homes, make it The Australian Kitchen Co. Our experience and expertise are not just confined to the kitchen but to the bathrooms as well. While we’re known as one of the preferred kitchen renovators in the capital, we also do bathroom renos in and around Melbourne.

While not widely known, we have delivered the best bathroom renovations in Boronia for quite some time now. Many customers have seen how impeccable our bathroom renovations in Boronia were and they believe we should be offering this service as well. And here we are, The Australian Kitchen Co. We design, create, renovate, and remodel bathrooms.

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Our experience and expertise, plus our attention to detail and our professional team of bathroom specialists have set us apart from the competition in that we are able to provide you with a modern, highly functional, and convenient bathroom. Thoughtfully designed, our bathroom renovations in Boronia have become a template for many of our customers who are looking to have a bathroom makeover.

But if you have a design in mind, let our professional design consultants have a look at it and we’ll take it from there. What’s important is what you have envisioned will soon become a reality, where we are able to help create the dream bathroom you have always longed for.

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Renovating a Sanctuary

Did you know that a bathroom is a sanctuary? Many consider it a place to seek relief, literally and figuratively. It’s a place where some of us run to and lock ourselves in when we want to get away from the madding crowd or from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. It’s a place of solace where we can just simmer in the hot tub during a cold day, or perhaps just chill when the weather is humid.

A bathroom need not be grand to experience the peace and calm it brings. What it needs is a thoughtful design to highlight its convenience and functionality when one needs to use it. That being said, the professional bathroom designers of The Australian Kitchen Co. have had vast experience in designing bathrooms that provide the basic amenities as well as the overall feeling of finding a sanctuary where you can lose yourself, relax, and unwind.

Whether you already have a design in mind or ask us to design one for you, we build the bathroom of your dreams. Having the best team of bathroom designers and tradesmen in the industry has allowed us to deliver and turn over high-quality and aesthetic results in our years of doing bathroom renovations in Boronia with very minimum to zero impact on your daily domestic activities.

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Why Have A Bathroom Reno

Bathroom renovations give you an opportunity to update your bathroom and its fixtures. In our years of doing bathroom renos, we found out three major reasons why customers go for it.

Increase property value. Aside from the kitchen, the areas of a house that prospective buyers check are the bathrooms. Having a bathroom renovated is a big plus if you’re putting your house on the market. It increases the market price of your property.

Improve safety. Old bathrooms are a hazard. Safety features aren’t their strong suit. Old tiles don’t have the safety features. Old tubs have cracks already, and old sinks too! The shower fixtures are not working properly. Walls have moulds. These things pose a risk to you and others who will use the bathroom. A bathroom reno can address all these things and provide safety features like anti-slip tiles, walk-in tubs, grab bars, and many more!

Enhance Functionality. A bathroom can be more than just a place to do your business. As a sanctuary, you can enhance its functionality to provide all the conveniences you need. From a smartly designed layout where everything’s within your reach to the latest fixtures like smart toilets, smart showers, smart faucets, and more!

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Why Choose The Australian Kitchen Co.

  • We’re proudly Australian owned & operated
  • We offer a high degree of expertise, quality workmanship and value for money
  • Expert staff with first-hand knowledge to provide invaluable advice and help
  • We’re passionate about helping customers build their dream kitchen
  • All works are carried out by fully qualified licensed and insured tradespeople
  • Dedicated renovation Project Managers
  • We carry out all work in an honest, ethical and responsible manner
  • Look, touch and feel the different products, styles and finishes, at our kitchen showroom
  • We love making your dream bathrooms come true!

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